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Weekdays only

    About offer:

    Enjoy a day dedicated to you - feeling good, relaxing and reconnecting with yourself. Indulge your body and mind with tailor-made treatments. Immerse yourself in total relaxation - every part of the ritual is designed to pamper and rejuvenate you, so you return invigorated, energized and fully restored. Elevate your senses and embark on a holistic journey of returning to yourself.

    The offer includes:

    Vitality SPA and Aqua pools and saunas areas

    Vitality SPA pool and sauna area includes: changing rooms, showers, a swimming pool with water cascades and adjacent comfortable loungers, indoor and outdoor whirlpools, and even 3 saunas (steam, Finnish, gentle, and Grotto experience rock, where you can experience a variety of elemental simulations, from a gentle wind to a tropical storm). Children under 12 years old are not allowed in this area.

    Aqua's pool and sauna area includes: changing rooms, showers, a 20-metre swimming pool, a children's pool with a playful slide, an indoor hot tub, and 2 saunas: Turkish and steam. It is a space for families with children.

    Body scrub

    Selection of:
    Deep renewal: Renewing rhyolite parti­cles enveloped in creamy karite butter and personalized with your chosen aromathe­rapy blend is the perfect body-renewing scrub.

    Detox: The combination of alpha hydroxy acids and physical silica particles creates and en­sures an intense exfoliating double detox peel.

    Body wrap

    Selection of:
    Deep renewal: Kamani oil and organic walnut extract renew, repair, and tone the skin for elasticity and softness.

    Detox: Thermal waters from Montalcino in Tuscany, algae, and aromatherapy provide full systemic detox and vitality.

    Body or facial massage

    A full-body massage is a deep muscle massage that focuses on painful, tight areas, such as stiff necks, shackled shoulders, and tight muscles in the lower back, arms, legs and head.

    Facial massage is one of the most effective ways to maintain healthy and youthful skin. It is beneficial at any age, as it prevents the onset of ageing and also eliminates the visible signs of ageing.

    Himalayan salt and aromatherapy room

    The Himalayan salt-infused space helps to create a mutual connection between thoughts and emotions. The body's energy flow is activated and a balance between body and mind is achieved. The session has a calming effect and reduces tension.

    Aromatherapy is one method of managing emotions and tension. The art and science of using natural scents to achieve complete harmony. After a 30 minute session, our thoughts and mood change - a balance between thoughts and emotions is achieved.

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