Find your inner harmony

Balance within yourself package

Balance within yourself package

From 149 €
Price for 1 person
Price for 2 people - from 242 €

About offer:

Regain the harmony of your body and soul by escaping the worries of everyday life and discovering the perfect place to relax, surrounded by nature, at Vilnius Grand Resort.

You will enjoy tailored spa rituals, exclusive attention and an unforgettable stay in a room of your choice.

Offer includes:

Breakfast buffet

The lavish buffet includes a breakfast buffet of exceptional richness, from fruit to the finest meats and cheeses.

The hotel restaurant's breakfast buffet is open every day for early breakfasters, and the menu is wide enough for travellers from all over the world.

Vitality SPA and Aqua pools and saunas areas

Vitality SPA pool and sauna area includes: changing rooms, showers, a swimming pool with water cascades and adjacent comfortable loungers, indoor and outdoor whirlpools, and even 3 saunas (steam, Finnish, gentle, and Grotto experience rock, where you can experience a variety of elemental simulations, from a gentle wind to a tropical storm).

Aqua's pool and sauna area includes: changing rooms, showers, a 20-metre swimming pool, a children's pool with a playful slide, an indoor hot tub, and 2 saunas: Turkish and steam. It is a space for family holidays with children.

Himalayan salt and aromatherapy room

The Himalayan salt-infused space helps to create a mutual connection between thoughts and emotions. The body's energy flow is activated and a balance between body and mind is achieved. The session has a calming effect and reduces tension.

Aromatherapy is one method of managing emotions and tension. The art and science of using natural scents to achieve complete harmony. After a 30 minute session, our thoughts and mood change - a balance between thoughts and emotions is achieved.

Lunch / Dinner at Le Paysage restaurant

Enjoy classic European cuisine with a strong French twist. Le Paysage restaurant offers a rich journey of sumptuous, harmonious, exquisite flavours to suit every taste.

The restaurant's chef Aldona Gečienė is a master of Mediterranean cuisine. Known throughout Lithuania and even abroad for her high level of craftsmanship and praised for her high quality dishes, Chef Aldona Gečienė invites you to this extraordinary experience.

From the list of procedures:

Thai foot massage

Foot fatigue, pain and swelling are some of the most common problems that plague many of us. This massage stimulates blood and lymph flow, reduces swelling and relaxes tense muscles.

A massage with an exceptional technique, it is an excellent way to relax the feet.

Body scrub

Selection of:
Deep renewal: Renewing rhyolite parti­cles enveloped in creamy karite butter and personalized with your chosen aromathe­rapy blend is the perfect body-renewing scrub.

Detox: The combination of alpha hydroxy acids and physical silica particles creates and en­sures an intense exfoliating double detox peel.

Body wrap

Selection of:
Deep renewal: Kamani oil and organic walnut extract renew, repair, and tone the skin for elasticity and softness.

Detox:Thermal waters from Montalcino in Tuscany, algae, and aromatherapy provide full systemic detox and vitality.

Floatation therapy

It is a unique and innovative therapy using a special floatation capsule with magnesium salt elements saturated in water. During the treatment, you will experience a state of weightlessness, which will relax your muscles, your mind and reduce overall body tension.

Full body massage

A full-body massage is a deep muscle massage that focuses on painful, tight areas, such as stiff necks, shackled shoulders, and tight muscles in the lower back, arms, legs and head.

Discuss your massage expectations and desires with your assigned therapist, who will tailor specific massage movements and techniques for total relaxation

Facial massage

Facial massage is one of the most effective ways to maintain healthy and youthful skin. It is beneficial at any age, as it prevents the onset of ageing and also eliminates the visible signs of ageing.

Discuss your massage expectations and desires with your assigned therapist, who will tailor specific massage movements and techniques for total relaxation

Body composition analysis

The test calculates and determines a wide range of vital body composition parameters with medical precision:

Metabolic age;
Oxidative stress levels;
The weight of the whole body and its individual parts;
Mass of the pectoral muscles;
Visceral and subcutaneous fat content.

Throughout the test, your questions will be answered by a specialist, you will discuss and debate the residuals together, and lifestyle guidelines will be developed based on the unique assessment.

LED light treatment

It is a non-invasive treatment method that uses special wavelengths of light energy to stimulate skin renewal and healing, effectively stimulates scarring processes, pigmentation disorders, and has an antibacterial effect on acne-prone skin.

Private beach + outdoor activities

In summer season only!

Spend sunny summer days away from the noise on a private sandy beach. Sunbeds, umbrellas, outdoor activities and peace and quiet - the perfect summer holiday plan!

Next to the private beach there is a spacious and large playground for children. On the private beach you will find: boats, pedal boats, water bikes, SUPs, kayaks. The nearby basketball court and tennis courts will keep you from getting bored.

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