Ariela therapeutic center


The Ariela therapeutic center has been built to complement the existing V Spa & wellness center to integrate therapeutic, recovery, and healing services with the ones already provided in the Spa and Wellness Center. In such an approach the enhanced facilities will help to ensure that every visitor experience the best of two worlds – a relaxing, balancing, and nurturing spa experience with the prescribed procedures related to rehabilitation and healing. We offer a combination of treatments that unite natural therapies, including highly therapeutic nutrition and the latest advances in medicine and technology performed by an international team of gifted therapists.

Vilnius Grand Resort SPA restoranas
Find food to suit your requirements and desires in one of 4 restaurants and bars.
We work with health insurance companies to provide the highest level of care.
The V SPA & Wellness Centre creates great offers for businesses and companies.

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Ežeraičių km., Ežeraičių g. 2, Vilnius, Lithuania
+370 6 554 4029
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