1 n. Wellness Summer package

1 n. Wellness Summer package

129 €
For 2 persons

About offer:

The Wellness Summer package is the perfect choice for those who want to relax, regain their strength and focus on the health of their body and mind during summer. We offer comprehensive relaxation and wellness services all in one place - balanced relaxation and a range of wellness treatments to help you regain your strength, reduce stress and improve your overall health.

Offer valid only VII - V. Not valid on public holidays.

The offer includes:

Classic category room

These are comfortable and cosy, elegantly furnished rooms with all necessary amenities.

Check-in for this room category starts at 15:30.
Check-out from this room category until 11:30.

Pets are welcome in this room category!
(Price and rules for pets)

Breakfast buffet

The rich buffet table boasts an exceptional abundance of breakfast buffet - from fruits to the most elaborate meats and cheeses.

For early breakfast eaters, the hotel restaurant's breakfast buffet is open every day, and the menu selection is wide enough for travelers from all over the world.

Aqua pool and sauna area

The Aqua pool and sauna area includes: changing rooms, showers, a 20-metre swimming pool, a children's pool with a playful slide, an indoor hot tub, and 2 saunas: a Turkish bath and a steam room. This is a space for family holidays with children.

Dry water massage

Experience the beneficial power of water massage without stepping into the water. The effect of this treatment is improved blood circulation and metabolism, venous blood, and lymph circulation, decreased muscle tension, reduced pain, weight reduction (decrease of subcutaneous adipose tissue), positive influence on the autonomic nervous system (positive effect on internal organs), deep muscle relaxation, muscle tone normalization. It is a non-contact type of massage, especially appreciated by those who do not like classical massage.

LED light therapy

LED light therapy is a unique method that promotes skin regeneration, pigmentation disorders, and healing by scarring processes through effective stimulation and has an antibacterial effect on acne-prone skin, using the energy of a different light spectrum wavelength.


Breathing pure oxygen strengthens the body, improves all the processes related to oxygen absorption, removes fatigue, accelerates metabolism, stimulates fat burning, etc. Oxygen is vital for the human body. It calms and stimulates, improves mood and general well-being, balances the vegetative nervous system, improves sleep quality, and relieves pain. Oxygen therapy stimulates detoxification, rejuvenates, and activates vital powers and the body’s resistance.

Aromatherapy room

Aromatherapy is one method of managing emotions and tension. The art and science of using natural scents to achieve complete harmony. After a 30-minute session, our thoughts and mood change - a balance between thoughts and emotions is achieved.

Private beach + outdoor activities

Spend sunny summer days away from the noise on a private sandy beach. Sunbeds, umbrellas, outdoor activities and tranquillity - the perfect summer holiday plan!

Next to the private beach there is a spacious and large playground for children. On the private beach you will find: boats, pedal boats, water bikes, swings, kayaks. The nearby basketball court and tennis courts will keep you from getting bored.

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