Relaxation for elderly

Relaxation for elderly

44 €
For 1 adult

    About offer:

    For seniors – SPA break near Vilnius! We invite our elderly guests to take care of their physical health and emotional well-being, alleviate physical ailments, relax from the stresses of everyday life, or simply enjoy and take care of themselves. Our SPA offers a balance of tranquillity and wellness in one package tailored specifically for seniors.

    Advanced registration is required. Offer valid I – V 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

    The offer includes:

    Free shuttle bus timetable

    Leaves the city to the hotel
    Departs from Konstitucijos pr. 20 ("Olympic Casino" next to the White Bridge)
    Arrives at the hotel

    09:20, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 21:30

    Leaves the hotel to the city
    Departs from the hotel
    Arrives at Konstitucijos pr. 20 ("Olympic Casino" next to the White Bridge)

    06:45, 08:50, 12:30, 15:15, 19:10, 22:30


    Inhalation is an effective treatment for both dry and wet coughs, sinusitis, bronchial asthma or other colds that cause coughing. During the treatment, oxygen and minerals enter the bloodstream through the respiratory tract and strengthen immune function and the whole body.

    Dry water massage

    Experience the beneficial power of a water massage without having to get in the water. The effects of this treatment include improved blood circulation and metabolism, venous blood and lymphatic circulation, reduced muscle tension, reduced pain, weight loss (reduction of subcutaneous adipose tissue), a positive effect on the autonomic nervous system and internal organs, deep muscle relaxation and normalisation of muscle tone. It is a non-contact type of massage.

    Mineral sapropel mud wrap

    The distinctive mixture of sapropel (healing mud) and minerals with juniper extract is a unique therapeutic tool. Sapropel contains many organic, biologically active substances and trace elements. During the procedure, it affects not only the skin but also all tissues and organs, improves blood circulation, protects the skin from drying out and aging, moisturizes it, improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation and pain, and relaxes blood vessel spasms. Sapropel also helps to normalize the body’s immunobiological and neuro-vegetative reactivity. During the procedure, the body is covered with a sapropel mixture up to the neck with gentle massage movements and wrapped in a heated blanket.


    Halotherapy is a non-medical treatment by artificially creating a microclimate of salt mines with constant temperature and air humidity, used for treating respiratory and other diseases, such as asthma and bronchitis. Salt has an anti-inflammatory, broncho-relaxing, mucus-thinning, anti-inflammatory effect and protects the respiratory tract from infections. Halotherapy also strengthens immunity, helps to relax, improves skin conditions, and soothes allergies.

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