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For 1 person (minimum 2 people)
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About offer:

A natural procedure to stimulate cell metabolism. The mud, enriched with trace elements and mineral salts and a high concentration of iodine, ensures a powerful regenerating effect. Thanks to the exceptional properties of LED therapy, the rays will restore the balance of the skin.

Offer includes:

Breakfast buffet

The rich buffet table boasts an exceptional abundance of breakfast buffet - from fruits to the most elaborate meats and cheeses.

For early breakfast eaters, the hotel restaurant's breakfast buffet is open every day, and the menu selection is wide enough for travelers from all over the world.

„Aqua“ pools and saunas area

Immerse yourself in complete relaxation in the warm Aqua pool, where families, couples or just those who just like to swim can relax without restrictions.

In the "Aqua" pool and sauna area, you will find: changing rooms, showers, a 20 m swimming pool, a children's pool with a playful slide, an indoor whirlpool, 2 saunas: Turkish and steam.

Black Sea mud application

This is a warm procedure that stimulates cell turnover. Sea mud is rich in trace elements and mineral salts, and the high concentration of iodine ensures a powerful lipolytic effect on the fatty tissue of the skin.
During the procedure, the upper part of the body is covered with mud and wrapped in a heated blanket.

LED light therapy

It is a non-invasive treatment method that uses light wave energy of a special length, which promotes skin renewal and healing, effectively stimulates scarring processes, pigmentation disorders, and has an antibacterial effect on acne-damaged skin.

Aqua aerobics

A fun procedure that combines movement and water. Movement in water helps to restore impaired body functions faster, to restore flexibility of movements, and to strengthen muscles.

Himalayan salt and Aromatherapy rooms

Aromatherapy is one of the methods of managing emotions and tension. The art and science of achieving complete harmony with the help of natural scents. After 30 min. during the session, our thoughts and mood change - a balance of thoughts and emotions is achieved.

A space saturated with Himalayan salt helps to create a mutual connection of thoughts and emotions. The energy flow of the body is activated and the balance of the body and thoughts is achieved. The session has a calming effect and reduces tension.

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