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Vilnius Grand Homes is a selection of luxurious and modern real estate set within the peaceful 395 acre Vilnius Grand Resort country estate. The beautifully furnished apartments, townhouses and villas are built around the estate’s award-winning, 18-hole championship golf course.

Darling Associates London are the architects and masterplanners behind the resort, named ‘Best architectural practice of the year 2009’ by the UK’s Architect Journal. While the renowned Anouska Hempel Design Studio London is behind the interiors and furnishings.

The properties are all furnished to the highest five star standards with fully fitted kitchens and bathroom(s), air-conditioning, under floor heating, air recuperation systems, smart housing control panels, alarm systems, triple glazing, broadband internet, smart TV(s) and music centre. There is also 24/7 security for the resident community.

Owners can luxuriate in the privacy and comfort of their residence while benefiting from the effortless resort-style living of Vilnius Grand Resort with complete access to its services and amenities. Please see further details about the different residence below.


160 h teritorijoje įrengti apartamentai, kotedžai ir vilos atitinka aukščiausius pasaulinius standartus nekilnojamam turtui.

Komfortą užtikrina 24/7 saugos sistema, Smart House valdymo privalumai, moderni virtuvė įranga, erdvūs ir patogūs vonios kambariai, ergonomiški, skandinaviško dizaino baldai ir daugybė kitų patogumų.

Projekto autoriai – „Darling Associates London“. 

2009 metais „UK's Architect Journal“ šį projektą įvardino kaip geriausią 2009 metų architektūrinį projektą („Best architectural practise of the year 2009“). 
Interjero autoriai - žymi Londono dizaino studija „Anouska Hempel Design Studio London“ .

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